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Choosing a Diet That's Right for You

June 2, 2017

Last time we examined the evidence of how people came to the conclusions of picking a program (diet) that was right for them. This time we will further break these diets down so you can make wiser decisions the first time and avoid the pitfalls that a lot of people starting out tend to make.

Diet That

2. You often feel hungry. 3. You cannot eat what you want.

Now let us break this down. I will start off by saying that moderation is the key in any diet and too much of any one thing can be counterproductive. After the three points are examined we will look further at the advantages and disadvantages of this particular approach.

The first point mentioned was that if too many carbs are eaten the rest will be stored as fat. Well, in reality too much of any macronutrient (proteins, carbs, and fats) will make you fat! The idea here is not to limit them totally as in the high protein diet but to cycle them. In other words eat the majority of them in the daytime and as bedtime approaches slowly cut back and eat foods that are a little more rich in protein. So if you go to bed at 11:00PM start to cut back around 7:00PM. But remember, you can still eat, not starve!

The second point we looked at stated that you will often feel hungry. The truth of the matter is you probably will at first. But remember that anything involving restriction will generally make you feel that way the first few weeks if we are really honest with ourselves. If you ate the same amount of any kind of food that you were eating you wouldn't lose weight peroid. The way around this is to eat more frequently, smaller meals spaced out throughout the day. Try and get in the 4-6 range. That way you will not feel as hungry and this also helps to speed up your metabolism. The body will not be as likely to think it's starving itself and store the food as fat.

Point number three stresses you cannot eat what you want. Again, any kind of program will have certain foods that you will not be permitted to eat in excess. It's a matter of getting your priorities straight. Look at both options, as well as any other diets you come across and decide what would be better suited for you. If you are a vegetarian for example you would be more likely to eat more grains and things so the higher carb diet would probably be more ideal.

Here are some of the advantages to this approach. 1. Breads, cereals, pastas and the like aren't as heavy on your stomach therefore you will be more likely to be active. They don't take as much blood to digest them. 2. You will be less likely to binge on sweets etc. because your body will have more of a steady supply of sugar. 3. If cholesterol is a concern this is the diet for you!

In summary ask yourself these questions:

  • What foods do I like more and how was I raised?
  • What is my time like as far cycling carbs later at night?
  • Will being a little more hungry bother me or can I handle it for awhile?
  • What is my will power like?
  • How does my family eat?
  • What is my schedual like as far as preparing meals?
  • Have I been known to binge on sweets in the past?
  • And finally, does the overall approach and explanation of this diet appeal to me?

Keep these and other related questions planted firmly in your mind as next time we will examine the ever popular high protein low carbohydrate diet. 

Male Pubic Shaving Starting Guide

May 30, 2017

So, you have decided to enter the World of male pubic shaving? Great! To start, know that you are not alone. Although most men prefer not to talk about this, the truth (according to recent polls) is that there is a high number of men that practice pubic shaving, be it for hygienic reasons, pressure from the wife or girlfriend, or simple to proudly sport an "extra optical inch".

In order to successfully shave your family jewels, you need to know a few things and keep in mind some important tips. That's what this article is all about: helping you have an advantage to keep away from accidents and bad results

The Tools Of The Trade.

To start with male pubic shaving - the classical way - I'd recommend to grab a hot towel, scissors (or preferably a special hair trimmer), a hand mirror, shaving cream and a new razor blade (the newer, the better it will accomplish its job). Once you have gathered these items, it is time to begin.

The Process

1.First, you need to trim down your hair. The shorter you can safely trim it, the easier it will be to shave. For this you will use the scissors or the hair trimmer. Here it is good to notice that patience is KEY when it comes to a problems-free male pubic shaving session.

2.Once your hair is nicely trimmed, it is time to take a hot shower. Just like when shaving your beard, hot water opens up the pores, helping the hair come off easier. If you can't take a shower for whatever reason, grab the hot towel and leave it on the area for 5 minutes to do the job.

3.The time you have been expecting: time for shaving! Okay, apply the shaving cream and let it rest for a minute while massaging the area to be shaved. This will help the cream act by softening the hair. After the minute has passed, start shaving your pubic hair with the new razor blade. Some key points here:

-Try to minimize the amount of "passes" to just two on the same area. -Don't be afraid to move your bells to find the best angle for shaving. -I will say this again: take your time - this is very important. -You can stretch skin on rugged areas or corners for a closer shave.

4.If you've followed my previous advice you should have no problems at all. If this is your first time shaving and you didn't shave perfectly don't fret about it. Male pubic shaving needs practice to gain better technique and confidence.

Extra step: Now that you have the looks of a pornstar, it is time to keep the area healthy and nourished. For this matter we will use a moisturizer. After shaving your skin will end up dry, so you need to restores the natural moisture - this will also help reduce the itching that you might experience after your first male pubic shaving sessions.

Is there a better and easer way to shave your pubic hair? You bet so! Thanks to the , you can cut steps and shave your pubic hair in an easier way - without irritation and with a 100% safe method! 

Abs Workouts With Impact

May 22, 2017

Ready to really sculpt your abs? Skip the crunches and challenge your core with these super tough ab moves.

So youve been at the gym, doing crunches like its high school gym class all over again, and the results have been—well, disappointing. Sound familiar? Thats because when it comes to ab exercises, crunches are pretty basic, boring stuff. But youre not a beginner, and your workouts should never be boring.

The solution? Its time to push your abs to exhaustion—and fight the flab—with new ab exercises that are anything but routine. And its not just a six-pack youll get: Maintain strong abs, and you’ll help prevent back pain, boost your agility, and increase your flexibility, says Tom Holland, exercise physiologist and author of Beat The Gym: Personal Trainer Secrets Without the Personal Trainer Price Tag.

But no matter how tough these exercises get, always remember the golden rule of ab workouts: quality over quantity. If youre still cranking out 2,000 fast-paced crunches a day, youre wasting your time (and maybe even hurting your back). Instead of ripping through the motions, slow down and focus on getting the most out of each rep, Holland says. With slow, concentrated effort, youll be building up to 30-second sets of quality moves—and admiring those washboard abs youve always wanted—in no time.


Start in a traditional plank position with your forearms on the ground and your body perfectly straight. Bring your right knee forward towards your right elbow, then return to the plank position. Repeat by bringing your left knee toward your left elbow. That’s one rep. Alternate sides for a total of 10 complete reps.

Holland says:  “The plank is pretty much one of the only exercises where you’re getting your entire core. You’re working the front and back of your abdominal area at the same time without any equipment. You’re getting your rectus abdominis, your obliques, and your lower back. It’s so simple and effective that you can do it anywhere.”


Stand holding a cable with both hands out in front of you at just under shoulder height. Keeping your arms fixed and straight and your abs engaged, rotate your upper body to the left, then back to center, and then to the right, and then back to center. That’s one rep Alternate sides for one set of 10 complete reps.

Holland says: “This move really targets the obliques and is sports-specific, so it’s great for golfers, tennis players, baseball players, and people who do racquet sports. Make your exercise as close to the movement that you’re going to do in your sport and you’ll get the biggest gain.”


Lie on your back with your hands behind your head, and your legs raised and bent at 90 degrees. Alternate sides by bringing your right elbow towards your left knee then your left elbow towards your right knee, building up to 60 seconds. Try and hold the crunch for a two-count on each side to force a slower, concentrated movement.

Holland says: With this movement, you’re targeting all three key areas at the same time. It combines a regular crunch, the side-to-side motion that targets the obliques, and the reverse crunch that hits the lower abs.


Lie on your back with arms and legs diagonally out so that your body forms an X. Keeping arms and legs straight, bring your right hand towards your left foot, then your left hand towards your right foot, lifting your head, neck, and shoulders off the ground. That’s one rep. Aim for one complete set of 10 reps.

Holland says: “It’s a simple exercise, and you’re safe and supported on the ground. With the legs coming off the floor, you’re getting your lower abs. And because you’re coming at an angle, you’re hitting your obliques and your rectus abdominis, too.”


Kneel on a mat with your hands on a Swiss stability ball. Keeping your back straight and your abs engaged, roll the ball as far away from you can, then slowly roll back to starting position. Aim for two sets of 10 rollouts.

Holland says: “This move is like the ab wheel, but it’s much safer and easier on the lower back. It targets your rectus abdominis because you’re staying in one plane. If you want to add another element, rolling out at a 45-degree angle to the left and right challenges the obliques.”




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